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MINOTOR’s strategic objective is to demonstrate the feasibility of the ECRA technology as a disruptive game-changer in electric propulsion. The MINOTOR project will bring the ECRA technology from TRL3 to TRL4/5, in order to demonstrate its potential in a large range of thrust levels.

MINOTOR will prepare roadmaps paving the way for the 2nd EPIC call of 2020, in alignment with the overall SRC-EPIC strategy.

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The MINOTOR project involves 7 partners from 4 countries. The consortium is composed of academic experts to perform the research activities on ECRA, along with experienced industrial partners to quantify its disruptive advantages on the propulsion subsystem and its market positioning.

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The MINOTOR project will help to assess ECRA’s potential to improve European competitiveness, develop low-cost satellite missions such as constellations, and provide end-of-life propulsion solution, while paving the way for other future emerging electric propulsion technologies.

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