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MINOTOR has 1 year!

At the occasion of the MINOTOR first anniversary, the consortium gathered with represants from the European Commission and from the EPIC project at the ONERA.
The 16th of January 2018, the MINOTOR consortium, the representants of the European Commission and members of the EPIC project met at the ONERA premises. The objective of this meeting was to review the project advancement and to present the firsts results. 

It was noted that the project activities are in line with what was planned and also that the dissemination activity has been very  dynamic, since the beginning of the project:
  • Eight papers and oral presentation have been done at the IEPC;
  • Two lectures were presented at the EPIC;
  • Three articles have been submitted: 1 from UC3M, 1from ONERA and 1 shared between UC3M and ONERA.

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